a voyage over earth’s unfolding cords
in clear and crystal cosmic silence
with the music and art of bending
as do willows in the breeze to
unsung serenades.

Blessings come
through misty shadows of time
causing my thoughts to play

So light,


Leaving tokens of love for me
whilst reaching for the tenderness
with such a touch of Heaven’s pure healing
‘neath pools of light that shone
allowing me to drink my fill from
the sacred well.

If only we would learn that
the highest peaks we ever have to climb
are those walls we build for ourselves
to hide from the world outside
are those which keep us imprisoned



© Daydreamer Too


Silent Solace


Mirrors reflect clouds of unknowing
and contentment hides in secret spaces
of the mind.

I wake in chrsytalline dreams
where prisms of light
dance across the transient insomnia
of my soul

it’s ache
so indistinct


ever there.

The colours of my life tremble
as drops do quiver on
sublime and succulent strands
of movement that lend hope to
discovering that you
were here with me

the dream fades

and too soon you leave me yet
to the night’s quiet realm
as wings still seeking comfort
glide upon an ocean of wind’s
silent solace.


© Daydreamer  Too        *All rights reserved   


This is something I wrote a long time ago, sharing it here because it is applicable to the Poetry Pot Luck and One Single Impression Promts. It’s not how I feel, today.

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