(picture Boris Vallejo-Camelot)


Tell me your tales
of daring do….
of courage, of kings
and magical things.

Of beautiful queens in
satins and lace…
(Your hearts delight in her
sweet face).
Of armoured knights atsride
chargers of war.
Of battle scars that you have so
proudly worn.

Tell me about the thrill of the
Of the colourful lancers that can kill
with one glance, if you happen to miss
your own first strike, perchance.

Tell me about castles in the air
that no-one lay seige too
‘lest the  devil may care.

Tell me about your Coat of Arms
and ways that you win your maiden’s

Tell me about your tales of wealth…
of jewels and crowns…
(Some won by stealth)

Of poisons and potions
of wizzards and spells
tell me of this….

Please tell me all of your
medival knight’s tales
and I’ll sit here and




© Daydreamer_Too          *All rights reserved


Author’s Note:   A little fantasy now and then, never hurts.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

20 thoughts on “Spellbound”

  1. So very beautiful… I love knights,their Ladies,Wizards and Camelot Excellent work.


  2. Your lines sound like the pleas of an innocent little child eagerly waiting to hear the best of tales.. Well done.. The verses brought me into a lighter mood. 🙂

  3. Beautifully, wonderfully magical! I was indeed enthralled by this momentary trek and wanted to sit spellbound. If this is any indication, it will be a beaut of a story!

  4. The beat of this poem was phenomanal, the rhyme really worked beautifully, it reminded me of some of the old poets, though I cannot remember which. Brilliant read.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  5. A poem of a truly dreamer with charm, flow and a lot more that is good in a poem. I would gladly sit here and listen… 🙂

  6. ‘Tell me a tale…’ I love tales of medieval times, castles and kings. Having been able to visit Ireland, Northern Wales and England was like icing on the cake for me! Beautifully worded. ‘I’ll sit here and listen…spellbound’ Absolutely!

  7. Tell me about your tales of wealth…
    of jewels and crowns…
    (Some won by stealth)

    love your lines, very well done.

  8. I love your idea of fantasy! A tale of adventure, beauty, valor, darkness and light take flight in you! Superb poetry! A nice change of pace…from our emotional, poetical, endearing onslaughts!

  9. Love this so much … understand every word … tears of joy in my eyes … I might just tell some tales … in time …. oh, I can feel that you and your daughter are so special, B (that stands for Be well and Blessed Be) … always, cat.

  10. That is something I could very much use right now and that is fantasy. I have a good book I am reading though, not only enjoying it as a read but hoping it might trigger some desire to find my way back to Escarp. Guess I just have to be patient. Lovely writing, my friend.

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