(picture Boris Vallejo-Camelot)


Tell me your tales
of daring do….
of courage, of kings
and magical things.

Of beautiful queens in
satins and lace…
(Your hearts delight in her
sweet face).
Of armoured knights atsride
chargers of war.
Of battle scars that you have so
proudly worn.

Tell me about the thrill of the
Of the colourful lancers that can kill
with one glance, if you happen to miss
your own first strike, perchance.

Tell me about castles in the air
that no-one lay seige too
‘lest the  devil may care.

Tell me about your Coat of Arms
and ways that you win your maiden’s

Tell me about your tales of wealth…
of jewels and crowns…
(Some won by stealth)

Of poisons and potions
of wizzards and spells
tell me of this….

Please tell me all of your
medival knight’s tales
and I’ll sit here and




© Daydreamer_Too          *All rights reserved


Author’s Note:   A little fantasy now and then, never hurts.

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The Long Goodbye


Oh, how I love it
here it comes again

My beloved soft-fall rain.

It trickles and tickles
slowly through my hair
touches naked skin and
sets the flesh to tingle

…So alive.

In my solitude
(save my four-legged friend
wandering at will)
I watch the waters dance
in wonder
as ripples grow in perfect
plip-plop circles

…So soothing.

Don’t tell me
there is a difference
between fire and ice.
For, doesn’t each one burn
(sometimes with exquisite pain)
to remind us all of passion.

in those plip-plop pools
of quiet contemplation
thoughts wander too, as they will

Even now,
do we already speak the
language of the Angels
once we’ve surrendered all to love


Do we meet at the first hello
is it really
the first long goodbye.


©Daydreamer Too          *All rights reserved


Author’s note:  No, we never really say goodbye.
If I have nowhere in particular to go, I’ve always loved walking in a warm soft rain.  Always found it very soothing.

Shared at One Shot Wednesday week #50