Sweet Embrace


A symphony plays.
The pianist loves the keys he strokes
and I in turn, welcome the moment
to succumb

…to simply just

Close weary eyes
against chaotic day
but thoughts still stray
and I miss, miss, miss
sharing the rain
it helps to soothe the longing.

How deeply we have to hurt.

To cut and then
to bleed upon the sharpest blade
before we reach that depth of
understanding that it isn’t ever
about who did what or, why.

It’s all about forgiving.

For the gift is in the pain
that we may learn to truly love.

How can pain be blue
I so love the blue
for it frees the ache in me.
The sky
these, are my souls sanctuary.

Softly now thoughts stray
alone, in liquid light
the music has worked its magic again
and I yield lucid thought once more
to the sweet embrace of night.



©Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


*Authors note:    When I write, I can go through a whole mixed bag of emotions and, whatever I write isn’t necessarily how I feel at the time I publish it here. In other words, I’m not always sad 🙂 
We creative minds usually run the gauntlet on emotions several times a day….up and down….LOL
It’s usually how and where we get all the words to pour forth.

Shared at: Poets United Poetry Pantry #53

Time Sighs


drops through time’s hour glass
with the ease that I cannot.

Slipping through my fingers
trying not to waste another minute





I sigh

Time Sighs



© Daydreamer_Too *All rights reserved


Shared at: Carry on Tuesday (Slipping through my fingers)