The wall was built long ago, but what’s to be done if eyes don’t see beyond the watermark left in rainbow pools of longing from too many tears having been shed.
Do we sail quietly away as evening falls, silent, through her sky, or do we stay, hold the dream within and if we can….Keep breathing.
If love could build a bridge between your heart and mine then, somewhere in time’s vast expanse we may yet cross the great divide to where a promise still lays in wait, if enduring love ever decrees those walls will tumble, crumble once more, softly to the ground.

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Shared at Jenny Matlock Saturday Centus week #58 (The wall was built)

This is something I wrote a few years ago but, thought it apt for the Jenyy Matlock promt about walls.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

10 thoughts on “Walls”

  1. How haunting this little gem of a story is.

    I read this through several times. It is absolutely beautiful.

    I suspect this will stay in my mind for some time.

    Thank you for sharing your talent here.

  2. Just beautiful. I loved “watermark left in rainbow pools of longing” . Wonderful use of the prompt! Kat

  3. Your words are hauntingly beautiful. Often walls that we build to keep others out also keep us in. Enduring love can indeed bring those walls down, and while we may be vulnerable, we are loved. What could be better than that_ Keep writing your lovely messages as the world desperately needs to learn how to give and receive love. Hugs, pat

  4. I agree … haunting, very … and i did read it several times as well … beautifully done!

  5. Outstanding and so beautifully done !

    Perfect for this prompt. I couldn’t help reading it a few more times, the flow was glowing, positive, touching and the ending was ever so lovely !

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