Another Day


Elegant blessings abound but…
am I worthy of their grace and favour.

I’ve seen beyond the black and white
of past echoes
(if anyone asks me)
I’ll always say
I love my soft-fall rain
time, and time, and time again
it washes me clean of woes and
licks my wounds
leaving a salt taste behind
simply to remind
that love is brave and
bears no regret or remorse.

If today
I write a sigh
it’s because
in the absence of daring
the word seems to suit my mood.

The hour draws near
where a galaxy of stars will
once again paint the sky
and, there I’ll dream amongst
the mystic glow of La Lunas
milken hue, knowing she won’t mind.

I’ll quietly lay and bathe in her
mysterious glow or,
(if she’s shy)
nights bluest light will
lead my peaceful sleeping into
the gold of day
at the coming of dawn
I’ll surrender freedoms wings
to turn their circles in the air
without me
as I dare once more to
wake and face another day.


©  Daydreamer Too       *All rights reserved