One Note


Have you ever heard a sound so pure
you wished you could hear it, forever more.

A single note or line
that can hold you in its spell
and, captivated
cause a million butterflies
to flit,
to float
and to dance
whilst you remain
entranced in
orgasmic sway
as that one magical note
then becomes a few
that lift you from the gloom
Suspends you way up there
to surround you in an air
of its flowing moves.

If passion has a sound
then, I have swam its rivers
floated in its streams
wherever music can touch
with its mood and majesty
I’ve made love in its highs and lows.


© Daydreamer Too           *All rights reserved

I Love Music.

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

4 thoughts on “One Note”

  1. Oops, don’t where my comment went … too tired to write it again now. Be well, my friend. Love, c.

  2. Nice … I could think of a few “heavenly” sounds … Lovely words, myfriend. Love, cat (PS. I;m working a whole whack of shifts at the moment, will add on and eloborate on the love theme in my own blog soon … have already a blueprint for it ready …) LOve, be well, eh, c.

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