A Place Of Trust


I stopped dead in my tracks today.
We looked each other in the eye

You and I.

For a moment or two
I felt your soul connect
with mine through the magic
of shared space and time.

You hesitated
wondering what I would do
I knew, and sent a
telepathic message that
I meant you no harm.

You seemed to look at me anew
not a spoken word was said

You wouldn’t have understood
it anyway but, your soul
knew that mine was coming
from that same place of trust

Sensing that…

If you crossed my path you
would make it safely to
the other side.

I smiled as you trotted across
with true grace and
the meal you
had won to feed your family.

Sighed happily

Thanked the God’s that be
for allowing me to see such
face to face.


© Daydreamer Too         *All rights reserved


Shared at: Thursday Poets Rally week #47

A few years ago, we lived in a very pretty little fishing village here on our island and, I was driving along one of it’s quiet tree-lined roads going to a computer customer whose computer was always a nightmare to fix because she was into geneology in a big way, so, she had thousands of photographs on it that she would never remember to back up on discs but simply mustn’t lose them because they couldn’t be replaced… added to that, her grandson lived there and at 16 he was very into internet porn.  I dreaded going to her house to repair her computer because it was always a minefield of plenty of viruses and all types of malware.  So, I was driving slowly, trying to prolong arriving there, I suppose.
Suddenly, the most beautiful red fox came out of the trees and stood on the side of the highway, right in front of me!!!
It was sooooooo deep, deep red, black stripes on it’s body and bushy tail with a white tip to it. It had something white in it’s mouth, a little bit bigger than a mouse.
As I was driving so slow, I stopped the car in an instant and thought, it’s bound to run back into the trees… but instead, it looked right at me and, it may sound weird but, I spoke to it in my mind and said: “I stopped my car so you can safely go across and not be run over, please know that I won’t harm you.”
Well, it cocked it’s head to one side, looked at me again and then trotted across the road…..not even a foot away from the front of the car. It trusted me!
It’s the first Fox I’ve ever seen and so close too…. that wasn’t laying dead on the road, in the whole of my life…..What an awesome experience it was!
It seemed to know, I’d stopped just for it and for a brief instant we ‘connected’. To me it was one of life’s…WOW moments.
When we take the time to really be aware, we sometimes begin to see some of life’s most wonderful but , everyday miracles.
A special moment, indeed.

Four Seasons Of Love


We live
We grow
We learn

We teach
We die

Is that all there is..

No, No, No No, No, No.

Thoughts dance naked unto the world
on whiffs of sweet fragrance and
flights of fantasy that share the air
where all secrets have been revealed.

From the depths of my inner sea
they leave their sanctuary as
past desire flickers its sadness
over distant shadows on
the borders of wonder, where
truth meets the mystery of time.

With the passage of age
wisdom comes in lines and
aches that remind

There are four seasons of love

and, I have weathered them all.


wiser and ‘neath such genteel radiance
I unwind in the glow of the sun.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved


(I believe) There’s the  first season of heady, crazy falling in love. The second season is growing together, adapting to sharing life. Third season, is the steady, blossoming love that is our comfort. Fourth season is the one that has weatherd all the storms and beats the many tests of time until, death do you part.

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She Danced


You could have heard the beat
as a thousand hearts raced across
the surface of the desert sands but
not one single word was heard as a hush
descended all around.
Nothing stirred
except the fire’s cracks and haze
of smoke and pepper flames.
The music played and she
began to sway with grace
Rhythmically rising to the beats
melodic tune.
Mouths opened, inhaling gasps
she held them in her trance.
The flames enhancing her
beauty all the more.
Her copper hair shimmered
Glimmered in those sparkling eyes
of her captive audience
who’d come from miles
around just to see her
She teased the seven veils
and they came away
flitting, tauntingly
one by one as the red glow
glistened on her nakedness
From both light and shade
her feminine wiles
seared the kings mind
filled it with  heat and desire.
A raging need to possess her
that was equal to the fire.
A rueful smile played across
sultry lips as she
blew him silent kisses
and swung those shapely hips
allowing the silks
to float away on the lightest
evening breeze.
Her mother was so pleased!

She had him eating from
the palm of her hands.
Knew that Herod was
making good his promise
to give her the prize she
coveted most of all.
The blade would fall on
the Baptist’s neck and
soon she would have
his head on a platter.
Nothing else mattered
as she kept her
promise and






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 The video clip is from a big movie that was made in 1953 called ‘Salome’ starring Rita Hayworth, Charles Laughton and Stuart Granger. The movie caused quite a stir at the time for being so provocative in the dance and also corrupting the Biblical story. But, it has stood the test of time and is now a classic. I was so pleased to find they had clips of the movie on Youtube because it shows fully what a temptress she was.
In case you don’t know the gist of Salome’s story I got the following info from Wikipedia
Although based on the New Testament story, the film does not follow the biblical text.
In Galilee, during the rule of Rome’s Tiberius Caesar, King Herod (Charles Laughton) and Queen Herodias (Judith Anderson) sit on the throne and are condemned by a prophet known as John the Baptist (Alan Badel). Herodias resents John’s denunciation of her marriage to the king, her former husband’s brother, and the Baptist’s claim that she is an adulteress.
Salome falls in love with a heroic Roman soldier (Granger) who converts to Christianity. In a direct reversal of the Biblical text, she dances for Herod to save John the Baptist from being beheaded, but is unsuccessful. Horrified, she renounces her mother Herodias, who planned and ordered the execution, and also becomes a Christian convert. The last scene shows Hayworth and Granger listening to Christ (whose face is not shown) delivering the Sermon on the Mount.

Growing… Life


The most fantastic journey is our voyage
through love, trust and friendship.

Breathing out and
breathing in
fate takes us where it will.

The last whisper we hear is
our truth.

To reach the highest heights
we have to know the
lowest lows and,
this secret path to bliss is
always in
forgiving… the unforgivable.

Shaped by life and
sharpened to cause pain

at last,

the thorns grow weary
the sweetness of their legacy
in the beauty of its rose.

Simple, it’s all so
simple… really.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


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A gull cries.

A spider crawls.

A child plays.

Butterfly thoughts
flit here and there, on
dancing sunbeams
and, wings give freedom to fly
to sense the thrill, like
first touch upon a lovers skin.

The gift of fresh opened eyes
soak up a world passing by
in sweet, sweet

Moments of time.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved


Shared at Sunday Scribblings #273 Give/Gift

Waiting for God

Artwork of Alison Jardine (Duality)


Softly, softly, softly
I love to live my love
without waves which toss and spin
but, create such cosmic ripples
that grow in ever increasing circles
around anothers heart, with light-strings
to pull them safe and willing
into mine.

Halfway to Heaven
yet all the steps remain
and still so far to go.

and turn
and turn again

No aspect stays the same

Arid petals fell from the
roses of hope she carried
lost in ever cooling waters

Sometimes we are the child in fear

When guiding lights obscured
by fearful clouds of doubt
and, no peace can be found
in the place that it was

I wonder if we are all

Waiting for God.


© Daydreamer Too         *All rights reserved


I think I was trying to say that sometimes we wait for God for answers, instead of looking to find the solution ourselves. This is a whole mixed bag of emotions. The painting makes me think of dark and light strands of cosmic light/energy.

Shared at One Stop Poetry (Friday Poetically)
Using the beautiful artwork of Alison Jardine

The Weary Hunter


The hunter, grown weary from
neverending chase with no
rewarding feast to satisfy
such haste.
Today, turns her back on her prey
with great passion and flair
wafts her tail into the air
(but in so doing leaves her scent
behind for the hunter to become the
hunted….the hunter then, to find).


© Daydreamertoo       *all rights reserved


Shared at: G-Mans Flash 55 (A complete piece of work in 55 words or less)

Twilight of the Gods


With flowing grace
she moves in
shape shifting shadows
across a lazy haze
of sweeping sands.

An alluring beat
entreats me (a mere mortal)
to hunger for her
every new day

To see her glorious
chariot of fire cross
cerulean skies
Leaving tears behind
in reflections that
form in the stillness
of streams
after waterfalls.

Destiny awaits
and nothing is impossible
as long as we believe

One touch

One fleeting glance
ahead to infinity
suffice to know
there is no fate but
that which we make

We are the circle

no beginning

no end

sharing in

The twilight of the Gods


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved

The Power Of Love


We are all multi-layered beings of light.

Within us, we hold energy in its purest form.

Only through knowing this light-love
do we maintain our soul and,
its sanctity.

If we believe that
love is life
Life is love
Love is all
we can omit words.

Tie them up
gag and blind them
the truth will always out
(even if it sometimes
has to crawl)

Even if we don’t know
what we believe
Most believe in
faith or hope or love
and when we do


Well then, we hold that
almighty power of love
for us all
from our souls to the palms
of our open hands

Believer or not
sinner or saint
we know that

We are all




Shared with Three Word Wednesday promt: Gag, Omit, Maintain

Wordle Words


Thoughts twirl in a dance of clouds
love is always in the air
(for those who dare)

Light as threads in gossamer wings
flit across a tangled sky
…sparks fly.
Kaleidoscopic in their mix
of splits and slit of
serpents tongues
reaching down
to you and I from
that temple of the Gods
who sprinkle a lackadaisical
hand of stardust
to woo us with their majick
so that we may relate their
stories through the eons
of legends they know will surely last
in etches made on wood
on stone or, bone.


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved


 Shared at The Sunday Whirl Wordle 9 (A Bakers Dozen) 
The Challenge here is to write something, anything of your choice as long as it contains 13 words that the wordle organiser has chosen for us.
I enjoyed this challenge!
Also Shared at: One Shot Wednesday week 51




a voyage over earth’s unfolding cords
in clear and crystal cosmic silence
with the music and art of bending
as do willows in the breeze to
unsung serenades.

Blessings come
through misty shadows of time
causing my thoughts to play

So light,


Leaving tokens of love for me
whilst reaching for the tenderness
with such a touch of Heaven’s pure healing
‘neath pools of light that shone
allowing me to drink my fill from
the sacred well.

If only we would learn that
the highest peaks we ever have to climb
are those walls we build for ourselves
to hide from the world outside
are those which keep us imprisoned



© Daydreamer Too


Silent Solace


Mirrors reflect clouds of unknowing
and contentment hides in secret spaces
of the mind.

I wake in chrsytalline dreams
where prisms of light
dance across the transient insomnia
of my soul

it’s ache
so indistinct


ever there.

The colours of my life tremble
as drops do quiver on
sublime and succulent strands
of movement that lend hope to
discovering that you
were here with me

the dream fades

and too soon you leave me yet
to the night’s quiet realm
as wings still seeking comfort
glide upon an ocean of wind’s
silent solace.


© Daydreamer  Too        *All rights reserved   


This is something I wrote a long time ago, sharing it here because it is applicable to the Poetry Pot Luck and One Single Impression Promts. It’s not how I feel, today.

 Shared at Jingle Poetry Pot Luck Void-loneliness-sorrow  

and at: One Single Impression #173 (wind) 

Stepping Stones


Without backward glance
in sunlight, she looks toward tomorrow
with smiles like a breeze
on warmer days than these.

Little things give silent strength

a harmony of accepting that
which is…


Past is past.

The beat of one moment hangs on
fragile lines in a spider-web
along the strands of time.

Those souls we touch
are but stepping stones

we are the stepper
we are the stone

always moving forward
to fulfill our destiny.

Yesterdays fantasies turn to dust
in tenuous reflections from
the living stream
where we all play center stage
in this prelude to infinity.


© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


Just some thoughts on how opportunity knocks. Sometimes we are the stepper and others who touch our lives ensure that we move forward and, sometimes we are the stone, which in turn allows others who touch our lives to go forward from their having met us.

Shared at: Jenny Matlock Saturday Centus within the stone

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And: Sunday Scribblings 272 – Opportunity

The Tie That Binds



I hear your call
all around the lonely hills.
A harmony of natures sounds
soothes the reverie.
Sing your song of joy
like lovers do
through early morning mist
rising up to greet my
brand new day.
Whisper to me in
long swaying grass
as I clasp you to my breast
watch the waves dance
and weep for the beauty of 
their untamed rolling thunder.
Jubilant in my jeweled nights
I’ll leave tears to the Heavens
Remember in a cascading
rain of light how your fragrance lingered
entranced and captured my thoughts
in a shower of petals that yield
to nought, but love.
I surrender all will to the
eternal tie that binds.
© Daydreamer Too           *All Rights reserved

And love just IS… Simply, Love.



(picture Boris Vallejo-Camelot)


Tell me your tales
of daring do….
of courage, of kings
and magical things.

Of beautiful queens in
satins and lace…
(Your hearts delight in her
sweet face).
Of armoured knights atsride
chargers of war.
Of battle scars that you have so
proudly worn.

Tell me about the thrill of the
Of the colourful lancers that can kill
with one glance, if you happen to miss
your own first strike, perchance.

Tell me about castles in the air
that no-one lay seige too
‘lest the  devil may care.

Tell me about your Coat of Arms
and ways that you win your maiden’s

Tell me about your tales of wealth…
of jewels and crowns…
(Some won by stealth)

Of poisons and potions
of wizzards and spells
tell me of this….

Please tell me all of your
medival knight’s tales
and I’ll sit here and




© Daydreamer_Too          *All rights reserved


Author’s Note:   A little fantasy now and then, never hurts.

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