In an elegant ritual
worthy of love
you warmed me
through the longest of winter chills.

Breathed me in with a
single breath that was true.
Held me there
in the depths of your soul


In the absence of shadows
I found my sanctuary
lay within your light.

So bright,
so right,
so true,

Leaving me
so free

So perfect,
in my imperfect harmony

Your light was all that you are
and, all I can ever hope to be.


© Daydreamer Too    *All rights reserved

Shared at One Shot Wednesday # 48 and also at
Thursday Poets Rally Week 45

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

32 thoughts on “So”

  1. A touching piece. I enjoyed it.
    I saw the accompanying picture of the flower and was wondering if it has anything to relate to the content?

  2. That filled me in with a sense of gratitude.
    Thank you for the wonderful words!

  3. Thank you for your kind words on my blog (Dream Running Ahead of Me) and for sharing this lovely poem.

    Clearly we are kindred spirits. You living in North America but growing up in West Sussex while I grew up in North America and now live in West Sussex. That must give us some sort of special bond…

    Just reading your poem and repeating it in my heart, I am now showered in light.

  4. I agree with littlemisshomosapien,
    “In the absence of shadows
    I found my sanctuary
    lay within your light”
    was just beautiful.

  5. This is lovely. I’ve not experienced it. Even in light, I have shadow. There is no umbrella with largess to disguise what I owe. I belive there is a freedom in imperfect harmony. I seek it. I dig with my hands, broken nails not withstanding. Worth it, no?

  6. This is beautiful. It’s strong and real — without being overly sentimental. Excellent capture of feeling –

  7. such beautiful and tender words…finding the one who loves us in our imperfect harmonies is surely worth a poem…

  8. lovely…the perfect making the imperfect whole…in just a breath…love the intimacy of this…

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