By Storm


Slick and sleek
seas rush to greet the shore
in passionate waves that
pummel the walls of
a melting heart.

A wind whips white horses
into the gallops as I
too feel their gush
of rolling thunder.

What a beautiful noise

… alive

As I breathe
‘neath electric blue skies once more
that urge me on to wander
with a lust for life,
I cannot deny.

Wings of rising hope
take me where reality
meets the dream.
The past has
already been written

the future waits

…Yet to be seen.


© Daydreamer Too  *all rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Pot Luck (Storms etc )

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

18 thoughts on “By Storm”

  1. “as I too feel their gush of rolling thunder” Beautiful! I enjoyed the passionate imagery.

  2. Passing through from Summer Breezes space and found your delightful space and very thought provoking poetry , I enjoyed my visit
    Thank you
    Wishing you much love and happiness

  3. I love how your page decor seems to fit into the theme as well. This piece is beautiful for me, reminds me of the time I was walking in a storm and how it just electrified me and made me want to prance against all that wind and–aw shoot, I feel another poem coming on!

    You’ve inspired me. Your imagery is point on!


  4. It looks like a storm is forming inside a storm… I particularly like the second stanza. It’s the one setting a powerful mood!

  5. Nice, let’s hope dream meets reality in the yet to come future 🙂

  6. Beautiful like a song-I love the flow.”A wind whips white horses into the gallops .. the imagery is outstanding and I loved reading the poem again and again!

  7. “Electric blue skies” what a killer description – loved the write!

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