What Big John Said




 “Listen up….Out here, there ain’t no law excepting for the law of the gun in your hand.
A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and, make no mistake Mister…. when I pay a man to do a job I expect him to give it 100 percent, any less and… he ain’t gonna get paid. Now…. that thing at the end of the leather you’re holding onto is called a horse, if you k’in ride it, well then, you’d best climb on up in the saddle and make like a cowboy… ‘n’ just so you know…. there might be some folks along the trail who’ll maybe take a hankering after what we got and be wanting it for themselves, the cattle, our food, the horses and… you best be ready to shoot ‘em ‘cause if’n you ain’t.. and I find myself  gettin’ shot at… well, I’m just old enough and dang-blasted ornery enough  to be killing you fer gettin me killed…..The hell I will!
Well…. what are you still standing there for…. waiting for your momma to come wipe your nose?  Saddle up boy and, let’s get this cattle moving.  Yeeee haww!”

Shared at Bluebellbooks: Short Story Slam Week 2

Salute to the Brave

In truth his war was more bitter than all the wars before.
Holes in the ground deep as hell. Bombs and fires raging.
A sea of bodies around him torn asunder, including his.
Then he heard her whisper:‘I will give you peace my child’
And Mother Earth wrapped him in her blood soaked arms.

© Daydreamer Too   *all rights reserved

Author’s note: Photos used here from WW1 Battlefields
There are still so many ‘unknown’ soldiers. I respect and salute all who have served and, all those brave young men and women who still do serve their countries to protect our freedom of right to express this opinion.

On my 17th birthday, I voluntarily enlisted in the W.R.A.C. (Women’s Royal army Corps) and became a radar operator and was proud to serve my Queen and country. 

Shared with G-Man # Flash 55