All That I Am


In reaching for the stillness
I feel you.
Each breath I take, hold and, exhale
then, blends itself to crystal mist
falls in fresh teardrops of
early morning dew.
Yes, I feel you.

How far I have travelled from
a painful past.
As far as my feet would
carry me
not as far as my love
has yet to go.

Because of you
today, I am all that I am
not all that I will ever be.

You bathe my darkness
in a circle of light
that shifts the gloomy moods
back away from the edge of the abyss
up to the quiet, acceptable.

What a treasure you are
to have
to hold me
…through the longest of nights.
I’m embraced in warmth and glow
of all the love that there is
because of you
gentle spirit.


© Daydreamer Too All Rights Reserved

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

10 thoughts on “All That I Am”

  1. Very beautiful words woven together!
    For me it’s a fairy tale.. 🙂

    I don’t believe in existence of Love or any such stuff! I love to read the romantic things though.. 😀

  2. Musical and spiritual… Your words remind me of the positive influence special people have in our lives… Deep, good read!

  3. Sigh…..This is wonderful….I know what a beautiful feeling it is to know that there is this one special person who could shield you in times of darkness. And you have expressed that innermost intimate feeling with your words so very wonderfully! Beautiful imagery,loved every word 🙂

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