Early morning madness and the magic in the making.

As if we never said Goodbye 
This is from a musical by Sir Andrew LLoyd Webber created called ‘Sunset Boulevard.’

I’d only heard it a couple of times and the song kept playing over and over in my head this past few days. Couldn’t figure out why nor, where it was from. Hummed it to Chloe and she said: ‘It’s from my show Glee.’ I told her not to be daft, it’s an oldish song.  She was adamant it was from her show.  As it’s on Video on Demand, she found it and sure enough, it’s a song her fav character (who just happens to be gay) sings. Beautiful song, lovely words.
I miss ‘the early morning madness and, the magic in the making.’ So much.
Love this song. He sounds like a girl but, what a voice! Love the words.