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27/12/2012 § 14 Comments

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Free Thought

23/12/2012 § 27 Comments

thoughtI hurl new fresh bursts of thought
into the air
it seemed a good idea to let it go
it’s rare they return so insistent
upon remaining through that sweet release
but, the mind is such an enigma

Sometimes full of rapid-fire sparks
which clench, spasm but then sorted
and sifted free the burdens we carry
for it to become spacious once more.


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

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22/12/2012 § 31 Comments

tumblr_m52hbriJel1rwzae7o1_500I’m listening as it falls
in splats, sploshes and spits
against the glass then, down
into puddles and pools
to eventually drain and begin
the cycle again.

Sometimes a curse when
it shares too much of itself
Sometimes a curse when
doesn’t give enough.

Snow is beautiful as it
falls in silent dance
but, rain has music in all
of its noise.

Magic plays in each
drip-drop, splashing sound
seeps its way into my mind
to share a symphony of
Mother Nature’s blessings.

I’ll never curse the rain
for sharing the gift of
her presence.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

*So far, we’ve had two lots of snow. The last one we’ve had to shovel out from. I love seeing the snow but, hate shoveling, cold and ice too. Today it’s pouring down. 7c above zero but… I’m not complaining at all. :) A White Christmas (for me) belongs on TV these days and, my bones and Timmy (the dog) agree.

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A Good Day

19/12/2012 § 28 Comments

mornmist_image (1)A whistling wind whips up everything
including one of my garbage bins.
I hear the clunk, bang, slam
echo through the walls as it crashes
to the frozen ground

the dog still wants his walk
before the snow.
Camouflage jacket in place
the wind’s outrage is no hardship
to him as off he goes.
I hold his retractable leash
and follow, treading softly, slowly
around ice
(left overs from snow the other day)
aware there is more due to arrive.

My teen walks with us to the end
of the road
a quick kiss to the cheek and off
she goes to await her school bus
as Tim and I meander.

Skies are dull, dark white to grey
tree branches dance, writhe, sway
groan and moan to the song of the wind
as I pass a few women
coffee cups in hand
a man espies Timmy
gives a big smile and says:
“Good morning.”
I smile in reply ‘Morning” I say
(knowing he’s right) because
despite the expected snow
I’ll make it a good day.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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18/12/2012 § 32 Comments

© Copyright 2004 Corbis Corporation
I have
walked through the fires of hell
left its ash behind in random new footsteps
going back into other rays of light

been shaken by dreams in distant hills
and valleys of my mind and

resolved to learn from the salt taste of tears
delivered in revelations that
love should have no expectation

and, in all truth
am mysteriously drawn to
answers on the wind
without ever understanding
the question.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

*This is just a scattering of thought as I’m still deeply affected and grieving for the senseless and needless loss
of all those beautiful, innocent lives taken in Sandy Hook

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Snow and Ice

16/12/2012 § 28 Comments

mooniceA milky moon unfolded
to lighten a tired sigh
glassy slicks of ice on roads
gives my heart a scary blast
as it rushes over the top
tires avoiding a tragic skid

visibility clears
I itch to get home
and listen to tomorrow’s


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

*We had snow off and on all day yesterday and had to do shoveling. Got up this morning and, it’s still snowing.
It all looks so beautiful. I hate winter.

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Poets United Pantry #128


15/12/2012 § 27 Comments

WISDOM (2)Clouds so low
sometimes it’s hard to breathe
light is fading
is the sky falling too.

Eyes watching me
as I watch them swim

A spider
out of place
shifting grains
did I break it’s web
did it catch me
within its spin of
wonder thread.

Weeds choke this land I love
as the sea spews forth her
waste upon the shore

I have climbed
now dry, rot and, stinking


nature does what
nature is
not even wishful thinking
can stop those waves from
reaching out to clutch
my heart with salt
embracing kiss.

The sun is up there
I saw her try to flash a smile
for a little while, ’til she too
gave up the ghost and
was gone as an army
of snow clouds
gathered at a pace

Was it the thrill of it all
for them
did she leave willing, and now
she’s smiling upon someone
else’s face.

Clouds above my eyes


if the sky should fall
could I still breathe.


© Daydreamertoo                      *All rights reserved

*A little somber maybe but, (I feel is) apt today

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