30/11/2012 § 18 Comments

Bones groan from arctic chills
as snow swirls.
Curls its trance of silent dance
around thoughts of love
in winter.

Did I lose or gain?
The answer truly doesn’t matter
for, love always remains.

Whispering waves will acquiesce
cover with translucent ice
still allowing scenes below
where sorrow of winter’s
hushed deep sleep doesn’t
truly ever reach.

A legacy of memories
told in flashback, play
Of remembered songs with
words which hug like arms
renewing strength and energy
released from fears’ old
and worn familiarity.

In deepest meditation
I walk the tunnel
a ready volunteer
to bask in ambient light
not afraid of seeking
inspiration there
for all that I am
and, ever hope to be.

In that place
of blessed sanctuary
I speak the language of Angels
without the need of voice or
physical touch to impede such
incredible connections
of meeting

Soul to Soul.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

Shared with With Real Toads Mary’s Mixed Bag – Connection (Great prompt)

The Right Path

02/05/2012 § 26 Comments

Morning sun awakens
shares her generous beams
steering clouds of unknowing
onto other paths
out of troubled dreams.

In a world of darkness
we can sometimes
lose the way, feel lost inside
a forest of doubt.

Wind chimes play as
soft breezes tickle
their lines.
Sing out their hope
in just peels of
perfect sound.

The fates do not
penalize honesty.

I leave these reflections
to slip through my fingers
search again for the path
which is mine
keeping my light
aware that its truth will
continue to shine.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Whether it’s good to us or not, the path we choose is the right path, we couldn’t choose any other or, we would have, right?

Written for and shared with
Three Word Wednesday CCLXX   Generous, Just, Penalize
With real Toads  Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge: On the Road

The Eye of Heaven

28/03/2012 § 23 Comments

Through the route of ages
in breath and equilibrium
the journey is always
the same
we are born to die.

Each remnant of the
ancient Gods leaves more to
question, than answers.

I jostle days
turning pages in wonder at
new knowledge
they impart.

Religion separates
divides and conquers
fire and ice can co-exist
if we did but surrender ego
to learn the higher plan.

With hint of fragrant promise
the softness of pillows await and
in sweet dreams and starlight
the moon sings her lullaby
to the earth
(her dearest one)
the eye of Heaven watches
waiting for us all
to come home again
to love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday #CCLXV Fragrant, Jostle, Remnant
Poetry Jam #Strange Gods
Poets United Pantry #94

The Stones

26/03/2012 § 21 Comments

I once knew a Blackrock
a place that holds many memories
for the child who
was me.

Now, I hold a black rock
in my hand.
Jet black and smooth
…just because
Because the feel of its
warmth, soothes.

Thoughts drift above
the watermark
Ah, here it comes again.

‘Hello, welcome rain
oh, how I have missed the
magic of your warm, wet kiss
to lips that have thirsted for you
through the months of snow.’

The rock in my hand
leads  to others
all shapes, sizes and each so
vibrant in colour.

I feel their energy flow
and gain pleasure
as my thoughts wander again at will
a gentle trickle with the rain
So aware there is new life now
about to grow
the rarest of all flowers
is still safe inside my heart.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I have a small pot of stones just like those in the picture.
Sometimes I sit and hold one for a while, just to feel it’s smoothness, texture, think about its flaws and, appreciate its magic.

Shared with With Real Toads OpenLink Monday
Poets United Pantry #94


19/03/2012 § 24 Comments

Sunlight casts Angel wings
in shadows on the walls
(I know)
remain even after nightfall.

Winter’s grip eases now
giving leave to buds
and blades of green
peeking through
the cusp of seasons.

I too, yawn from this
long siesta
welcoming change of
dress from skies of
dull off-white and grays
to my beloved blues.

A lone piper calls
his tune harmonizing
with waves in my soul.

Light and warmth share gifts
in unspoken promise
as gentle winds usher in
Springs awakenings.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Poets United Pantry #92
With Real Toads Monday Open Link

Higher Learning

14/03/2012 § 16 Comments

I watch the dance of clouds
so elegant
…they entranced.

A new season beckons
Comes in with a smile
flirts for a while
before leaving only
my reflection.

The behaviour of the butterfly
always used to baffle
Flitting here, there
desiring to be free
now I understand.

To deny truth
is to negate all responsibility
for its cause and effect


out of silence
wisdom fills the mind
with kinder thought

We teach
or, we are taught

to see the deepest scratches
of someone else’s flaws
but love them anyway

Is the lesson.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLX111 #Baffle, Negate, Elegant
Poets UnitedPantry #91

Flavor of Love

12/03/2012 § 19 Comments

Morning whispers a promise
thawing all that has gone
as the sun’s first-sweet-breath
kisses trembling trees
leaving them all a quiver.

I am silent witness to days
arrival after nights tenderness
held the face of millennia
within its cosmic truth.

The flavor of love
plays cold across my tongue
this is what it is
no more, no less.

I wonder,

what ancient wisdom is
there hidden, the eye doesn’t see
yet, the heart knows.
What ancient truths still
to be revealed.

Bending to life’s wishes
I keep the flame and
dream alive
inside the flight of
a peaceful warrior
someone, somewhere in time
is saying my name
again, again and

Onward gentle dreamer



© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with With Real Toads Open Link Monday Open Link Monday
Poets United Pantry #91

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