If: erasure

29/11/2012 § 23 Comments

If blaming it on you
make allowance for their doubting
don’t deal in lies
nor, talk too wise.

Make thoughts meet with triumph
instead of twisted by knaves
who seek nothing but disaster
you can bear it all, even
with worn out tools.

to serve your heart
and so hold on
neither foes nor loving friends
can hurt you

If you can walk with kings
with crowds, the common touch

yours is the earth and
everything that’s in it.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

I chose to try an erasure poem with the famous ‘If’ by English author/poet Rudyard Kipling.

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Winter Thoughts

28/11/2012 § 28 Comments

The earth beneath my feet cooling
grows harder by the day
preparing for the deep sleep
of winter now.

Late Autumn fog replaced
with glistening white frost

Trees stand there
silent, bare
ready to clench their roots
as far as they can into the ground
for fear of snapping in these
coldest of climes and biting winds
which winter brings.

The bridge across divisions of
autumn and winter completed as
(no longer faint)
I see my own cold-gasped-breath
in-between watching the first
snow flakes dance across
my world


gently prod my thoughts into
remembering what it is I am
supposed to do
as the dog waits eager
to go onward and greet our
frozen new day.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*We were already out walking as these thoughts came to mind this morning.
It’s -6 c here right now. That pic is one I took of Tim last winter. He’s started wearing his combat coat again this past couple of weeks. Cute eh …lol

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Poets United #11 Bridge

Prepared for Anything

24/11/2012 § 21 Comments

Rain pitter patter, sploshes
a drop of thought here
splash of thought there
memory jogged
(sometimes I miss them)
the ones I’ve always called
‘The gentle rains of England’

especially now, as we prepare
to enter winter with its many
snow squalls
sub zero temps and
bitter nor’easter’s
(shovels always near)
Oh yes, we prepare.

I mentally prepare to disassemble
something of great value
acutely aware that
(if it goes wrong)
there will be a high price to pay
for the learning
but, I won’t learn
if I don’t try.

A child I raise now wanting
to date
I prepare to share her
joys, happiness, heartaches, tears


here I am again
back in the present,
listening to the rain
preparing for the snow.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


*I’m trying to decide whether to take my iPhone 4s apart so that I can teach myself how to put a new screen on it and then can do it for other people, for a fee. Not an easy decision to make when you know it’s worth over $400 if you mess it up but .. ..the only way to learn is… to do.
It’s how I learned everything I know about repairing & programming computers.
So, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the task, I truly love taking things apart but, have to know I can put them back together again and still be working….LOL
I took that picture of the iPhone a short while ago to show the weather here today…rain and, tomorrow the temps drop and we get our first snow of the year, dropping 10 degrees by Monday and more snow. (Yuck)

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The Perfect Hope

21/11/2012 § 23 Comments

In this world of present chaos
nothing is certain anymore
…not even tomorrow.
We move in forward motion
increasingly more
to war, war, war.

Our vision is unclear
because there are no sane answers
to all the ‘whys’

Women and children run for their lives
on both sides of the great divide
while young men learn only to
hate and if that hatred isn’t strong enough
toughen up and learn some more.

It seems there are no peaceful means
to end this conflict which has raged
for nearly two millennia

and yet,

deep love of fellow man
will never give me leave
to let go nor stop believing
the perfect hope.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

Moslems and Christians and Jews raising their hands to the sky their chanting voice in unison begin to arrive how happy is the one
whose heart’s ear hears that special voice as it begins to arrive.

~ Rumi

*The poem is grim because my heart is weeping for the insanity of it all. There is nothing about this that is right. I Googled images of Gazza and the images of children are just ….slaughter.
I don’t care what anyone’s faith is…no God of mine would ever wish to see all this crap no matter what faith we believe in.
Sometimes hard to believe we are all the same species.
Still, I have hope and have to believe one day we will see sense.

They are talking of a ceasefire….Hope springs eternal.

Shared with Three word Wednesday CCC1V Motion, peaceful, Vision
Poetry Jam Best Sellers. I Chose the Nora Roberts title ‘The Perfect Hope’ as my piece

The Softness of Love

20/11/2012 § 30 Comments

The softness of love
flows easily from you, though
it may not have always been so
how else do we learn if not
through growing pain.

There may have been such longing
long ago
Lost faith, path of destruction
with destination unclear,

Yet, universal secrets were
somehow revealed
truths shone in deepest reflection.

The last song was never sung
The last note, never played
and life had its way of mending
broken souls through the
tough softness of love.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

*For someone I’d be proud to call: ‘friend’

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Monday Morning Blues

19/11/2012 § 33 Comments

Sun shines on pure white frost
creating Heaven’s sparklers
across that cold scene.

After a lazy weekend
I imagine one could share
that Monday morning gloom


that would spoil the joy
in the gift of this new day.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

*Yes, every day is a gift, no matter what day of the week it is.

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Carry on Tuesday #182 Imagine.


18/11/2012 § 33 Comments

© Andrew Wyeth. Squall 1986

I keep trying to leave
but you clutch at me and
do your best to keep me
in the deepness
of your sea.

Your heart cries out its song
in the rawness of your waves
as you trail along my shore
grasp me from behind
aware that you’re playing
my favourite tune
still, pulling on my ankles
like the strings of my heart
as I try my best to leave
yet, have such a need
to swim in you again.

so tempting you make it
for me to stay
To submit to your lure
let you have your way
but, I know I mustn’t
for you will drown me in the
very depths and needs of
that desire
and, if I sink beneath you
I may never find
the strength to swim
to shore


©  Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

*Water, one of my most fav topics.

Shared with Magpie Tales #144 The artwork of Andrew Wyeth. Squall 1986

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