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Yesterday there was no warmth
from the sun

It hung in the sky
with my mood.

But heart’s still roar
with flames
a courage, unheard

Yes, love is brave.

In the vast expanse
of never-ending
across silent airwaves
there is everything
and nothing
feelings surround
Permeate thoughts as
sponge absorbs liquid
to its hidden depths.

Her words fell
in warm rain
(I remember)
as tingles to waken
cold skin.

And now,
morning comes in blinking
with no apology
for yesterday
and I hear myself say
once again
‘Oh, yes’
to her insipid
flirtatious beams.


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Shared with Poets United Think Tank #83 ‘Yes’

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§ 6 Responses to Yesterday

  • LBTL says:

    hmmm yearning, hope, also a love for pain, so many ins and outs, unsettling feelings with this one. It made me sad :(

  • Ella says:

    I love the playful flirty tone of your words.

  • Bob says:

    How can one say no to the warmth and illumination of our stupendous star? Excellent!

  • Mary says:

    Sometimes we just have to wait out those sunless days, as warmth / love will always return! I like this poem very much!

  • Pat Hatt says:

    Words can make the cold not be so bold, but when you have no snow at all, unlike your hall, it is more grand, here in my land. LOL still have to snicker at that, now don’t go Bloody Hell-ing the cat.

  • booguloo says:

    Love is brave. I like this a lot.

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